In Search of the Perfect Mattress

Mattresses are taken for granted. They do their job day in and day out without complaint. They support our various body parts to the best of their abilities. They are made of many different materials – springs, coils, water, memory foam, gel foam, latex, feathers, and various combinations thereof. They do their best to collect those dreaded dust mites and, from time to time, bed bugs. When I was young, my Aunt would say the famous “bed bug” poem and taught me the “Now I lay me down to sleep” prayer. I always dismissed the rather unpleasant parts of the poem and prayer because I was far too busy jumping onto my bed to avoid the monsters surely lurking underneath. Looking back now, I believe if I had really thought for a moment that there could be bugs in my bed rather than monsters under it, I wouldn’t have slept until I was 13. While I appreciated the poetry lesson, I wish my Aunt had taught me this poem about Woozy the Weasel instead of the one about bugs in my bed:

Silly Things

Do you ever worry about those silly things?
That sometimes it is rocks that the Sandman brings?
Do you worry that stars will fall from the sky?
That Mom will put mustard in her apple pie?

Do you worry your dog is really a cat,
Or you will keep missing that ball with a bat?
Do you think tomorrow is really today,
Or that your best kite is headed the wrong way?

Do you worry a deep sleep will never come,
Or you will never learn to whistle or hum?
Do you worry Woozy will tickle your toes,
Or that a butterfly will land on your nose?

Woozy Weasel knows there’s no need to worry.
That sleep will soon come with no need to hurry.
Closing your blue eyes is the best way to start,
And snuggling with Teddy Bear close to your heart.

Woozy Weasel sings sweet songs soft in your ear,
While you find your blankie and cuddle it near.
Tomorrow’s coming and will soon be today.
So let’s both kneel down beside Woozy and pray.

Pray for love, hugs, cuddles and sunny blue skies,
For sweet red apples in Mom’s very best pie.
Pray knowing that our God has numbered each star,
And that His love can be felt close, from afar.

Now it seems silly to think about such things.
Especially when Woozy has deep sleep to bring.
So take this big hug from Woozy, Mom and me,
And slide off to a warm sleep so peacefully.



Sorry, I think I digress. The mattress alarm finally came on as I woke for the 193rd day in a row with a backache. I am not quite sure why it took so long to put 2 and 2 together, but I guess I was programmed that, unless a spring was popping through from below, there was nothing wrong with the mattress on which I slept. However, once the decision to upgrade from our well worn mattress was made, a fair amount of research was in order to make the best decision. I searched all the usual suspects plus an incredible website called It is a little hard to believe that I could spend several hours each week scouring this site learning as much as I could about what might work best on our respective backs, but that is what I did. I learned about ILD, zoned construction, talalay, Dunlop (not the tires), and much more.

One nugget I learned in all my ramblings was that it might be best to stay away from the general furniture stores when making a mattress purchase. They tend to sell those major brand name mattresses beginning with S which feel good in the store, but fade quickly over time. Also, you often feel as if you have walked onto an automobile showroom floor. Selection is vast and the salesmen generally have no idea what they are talking about. Some of the specialty mattress stores seem to be even worse with the shady dealings. One establishment we visited used the old, “I really am not allowed to do this, but we have this one of kind, good only today kind, of deal just for you.” It’s funny how lucky you can be when it comes to someone else spending your money.

Rather than go on and on about all the search details, the more well known options were crossed off our list one by one–some based on my research, some by the hands on, or should I say butt on, approach. The one option that wasn’t even on our list when we started – latex – eventually became the leading contender. Initially, when I heard of latex, I thought of the 1950s and the cheap mattress my folks used and the latex allergies many people seem to have. However, the more I read, and the more testing we did, I was soon finding out that latex was the way to go.

  • Latex is natural. No initial odor that I noticed.
  • Each side of the latex bed can be different so each spouse can be a happy camper.
  • Latex can be soft but still very supportive.
  • Latex beds can be made to flip just like beds in the good old days..
  • Bring your own pillow, take off your shoes and give one a spin.

We have owned our mattress for almost 6 months now and I couldn’t be happier with the investment. Literally no back pain and I am in no hurry to roll out of bed in the morning. It is hard to describe, but the bed is both soft and supportive and supposedly will last 20 years or so. No springs poking back at you, no pillow top to compress or foam to sink into. Just a great night’s sleep for my old bones. I must confess, the price is a little higher than we really wanted to pay, but is less than most Tempur-Pedic options and less than the Select Comfort quote we received the first time we visited there. Possible shopping options include Ken Michaels Furniture and Biltrite Furniture. While mail order is also a possibility, we could never pull the trigger on a bed that could be squished in a box sight unseen.

Happy Sleeping.

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