I Thought You Had Her

When you get to this stage of your life you spend a fair amount of time reminiscing. The empty bedrooms often jog memories of fun and maybe not so fun times for those involved. Mom and I are generally on the same page, but this is a story where all I could say is I thought you had her

Sometimes things just happen that are not easily explained. The day was not particularly exceptional. We had decided to do a little rummaging in hopes of finding some clothes to keep our children dressed for another year. At the time, our youngest was still fairly small so we had a stroller with us to save a little on her legs and also hold some of the catches of the day. When you’re really doing some intense rummaging you need to realize that it is very easy to get caught up in the “hunt” and temporarily forget about some other things.

We were about half way through this particular neighborhood’s rummage sale when we stopped at a particularly good spot. Lots of toys and young kid’s clothes. Because Mom was along and we were half way done, the stroller had already accumulated a fairly high pile of rummage. After an intense search by Mom and a little daydreaming by myself, we decided to move on to the next stop. I was in charge of the stroller so off we went. At least we thought it was we. I was doing a masterful job of steering the stroller down the hill when Mom asked where’s peanut. Because of limited visibility over the rummage and the weight of the stroller, I had thought you were nestled snuggly next to the pants we had bought. A quick peek verified the poor construction of that thought. By this time, Mom was already at top speed heading for our prior stop. (I thought I saw her hesitate for just a moment as she passed a particularly craftsy rummage sale though Mom does not admit to this.) Sure enough, there you were with a few tears coming down your cheeks and looking a little bewildered. Mom said the homeowner was in the process of putting a sticker on your forehead. I believe the color was green, your favorite, which meant for 25 cents you could have gone the way of the green stickered onesies. I have not verified this, but I believe Mom was only kidding.

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