Green Thumb – Smoke Plant

This smoke plant started from an $8 Smoke Plantstick I purchased at the end of the growing season at Lowe’s a couple of years ago.  I thought when I was buying a “plant” maybe I would see something 3 or 4 feet tall in a few years.  However, after a few growing seasons, the plant was easily reaching heights 10′ or more.  I realize a little timely pruning would have kept this problem under control, however, the pruning step never quite made it to the to do list.  The unruly heights aside, this “plant” is beautiful spring into fall.  The wispy (smoke) portions of the plant last much of the summer and the leaves turn a beautiful red in the fall.  I rarely notice most plants, but this one stands out through of the growing season and is well worth adding to any landscaping project.





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