Product Review – LaNoodle Topper

Note: From time to time, I will throw a random product review into the blog just for fun. I tend to be fairly thorough in my researching of products which may provide helpful information to the readers, but which unfortunately tends to put my decision making brain cells in shutdown mode.

Some things that seem certain with old age include a few too many ounces in front and a pain in the back. My back pain started rather sporadically and then moved into a constant particularly as I rolled out of bed each morning. The ounces have not been sporadic at all and on the move since I hit 40. While no one has accused me of being real observant, I soon began to associate the back pain with the mattress we were sleeping on each night. The ounces up front have been associated for years with Oreos and Mom’s chocolate chip cookies. I will spend some time in another post regarding our search for the perfect mattress. A hint for those who are the impatient type – think latex. I have already found the perfect cookie.

The purchase of our new mattress quickly had us second guessing the over researched decision. The mattress was firmer than expected and did not have that fancy pillow top layer to which we had become accustomed. So back to the internet I went in search of something which could soften things up a bit. Our topper search started with the usual suspects – memory foam and gel and memory foam. The latter is cooler somehow. However, we were hesitant to use anything with memory foam since one of the big sell points for latex is that it is natural and doesn’t carry that wonderful foam smell. So we located a company called Cozy Pure carrying the LaNoodle Topper. As with all internet purchases, there is that apprehension that the non-returnable purchase will be much less than advertised. Fortunately, in this case, the glowing reviews we found proved to be quite true.

The product is not very exciting to look at. It comes rolled up with a couple of ties and seems to be only an inch or two thick. There is no initial odor and it comes with a nice cotton cover. In addition, it is filled with a bunch of little latex noodles so it is not solid, and at first glance, does not seem to be something that would add much in the way of comfort. But when stretched out on your bed, it seems to conform to your body like nothing I have ever felt. The little latex noodles tend to move around so, if you are the playful types, you and your spouse can play a game each night to see who can get the most noodles piled on their side. What we find, without really trying, is that they tend to mound in the middle a little, however, it in no way feels lumpy, just comfy. If you have a little obsessive compulsive in you, just for fun, you can spend time each morning rearranging the noodles in your topper. These days I am in no hurry to vacate our bed each morning and wakeup pain free. I am sure some of the pain improvement is due to the mattress, but the topper adds another degree of softness which can’t be beat. Just a suggestion, the company does run sales periodically which will save a few bucks. Happy sleeping.